Sun-kissed Somewhere is many things to me — a blog, a website, a YouTube channel, and a lifestyle.

It is the manifestation of everything I want in life: constant wandering and absolute ownership of my formerly shunned sun-kissed skin. These are two things that I've always deeply cared about, and two things that will always push me to create.

The Sun-kissed Somewhere website is home to those creations -- videos of my travel and lifestyle adventures, blogs about the places I've visited, lessons I've learned on the road, and pieces of information that you can use should you want to pursue the same path as I have.

Wherever you are, you're welcome here. :)

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Sun-kissed somewhere

by Ayn Bernos

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About ME, AYN!

I'm Ayn Bernos, a 20-something vlogger, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and skin color positivity advocate. I'm also a rice-eater, a brown-skinned wanderer, and a bilingual ball of energy.

I am currently based in Madrid — a language assistant during the day, and a freelance creative at night. Armed with my trusty laptop, a camera, and most times unreliable WiFi, I am fervently navigating the digital space so I can get to my next geographic destination, wherever it may be.

I teach English. I write musings. I film YouTube videos. I play with makeup. I shop for cheap stuff. I learn languages. I escape to new places every single chance I get.

I do a lot of things, but I do all of them with a single end goal in mind: to be sun-kissed somewhere, everywhere, for as long as I can.