24 Affirmations for 24 Years

Hello reader,

Today I’m going to turn away from you for a little bit, and say hello to the birthday girl in the mirror. She just posted this video called 24 Life Lessons for 24 Years. (If you haven’t watched it yet, see the video below.) But while those realizations are valuable, getting to them was never an easy journey. In fact, for most of them, they had to be learned the hard way.

So in my attempt to be kinder to this girl in the mirror, I want to write an article that complements this video of tough lessons.

Dear Ayn,

Here are 24 affirmations — 24 things you’ve taken for granted, but should always remember — for 24 years:

  1. You have successfully stayed single for a year. That’s insane for you. What a feat. AND you thrived, too! Miss Independent, I’m proud of you.

  2. Your tan is glorious.

  3. Your bank account may be suffering, but wow your PASSPORT!

  4. You’re writing right now. On your birthday night. Isn’t that the dream?

  5. You have built and maintained such amazing friendships. Thanks for not flaking on the good ones.

  6. Your smile is so infectious that even I — you, technically — find myself smiling again whenever I watch your — our — videos.

  7. You had so many speaking engagements in the last year. You should be proud of yourself.

  8. You are officially an entrepreneur. WHATTTT.

  9. You’ve cut off a lot of toxic people. Congratulations!

  10. You’ve moved on from heartbreak. :)

  11. You made Spain happen. And you’re flying there in 6 days. Woohoo!

  12. You are touching so many lives just by being you. You don’t believe it, but THEY do.

  13. Your family loves you. You’re going to miss them a lot, but how can you complain with the kind of support they give you?

  14. You finally have a skincare routine. Can somebody say #adult?

  15. You respect yourself enough to walk away when it’s time to walk away.

  16. Your hair is so luscious. Hahahahaha.

  17. Also — what’s cellulite? Stretch marks? Are we supposed to be embarrassed? CAN’T RELATE.

  18. You can rock a bikini even when you’ve had breakfast and you’re bloated. It’s not that you have the perfect body, it’s that you’re perfectly fine with your own.

  19. You have 20,000 subscribers. Remember when you just wished for 10k?

  20. You’ve been so consistent on Youtube lately! Keep it up!

  21. You are firm about what you want. You don’t settle. Character development much??

  22. You’re earning money! Good money! Remember when you were a broke intern?

  23. You are becoming more and more unapologetic everyday. Thank you. And congrats.

  24. You just wrote 24 good things about yourself, when you couldn’t even think of one before. Heyo!!!

I love you, Ayn! Stay kahnfident.

xoxo, ya girl.

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