5 Things To Know About The Taytay Tiangge

Before I even begin writing about it… you’re welcome. This is GOLD–unless you’ve already been there and you already know what I’m talking about. In that case, well, run along now.

But yeah, you’re welcome. With its crazy *affordable* selection of locally crafted apparel, Taytay, Rizal is the new Greenhills and Divisoria.

1. You can get clothes 50% cheaper than you would at Divisoria or Greenhills

…and the finds are better, too! If you’re an avid budget shopper and you wouldn’t mind traveling east for some AMAZING hauls, Taytay is paradise. Check out what I was able to buy for UNDER 1000 PESOS!

2. Locals design and produce these clothes themselves!

In the past, Taytay’s dressmakers would travel to Manila or San Juan on a daily basis just to sell their stuff. This means extra hours on the road, extra transportation expenses, and extra costs for rent. Now with all those eliminated, they have more freedom to do what they want, sell what they want, for the price everyone can afford. It’s a win-win!

3. Be there at the crack of dawn

I was in Taytay at 5:30 in the morning, and was done with my shopping spree by 8:00 AM. When people tell you to be there early, we mean this early. Some shops will run out of stocks come mid-morning, so it’s best to beat bulk-buyers by a couple of hours. This is also a good way to find parking and avoid crowds.

For someone who isn’t a morning person, being in Taytay at the crack of dawn was a pretty pleasant experience. It’s not as hard as you think it is. Trust me!

4. Tuesdays and Fridays are your best bet

According to my ~*sources*~, Tuesdays and Fridays are the best days to shop in Taytay because that’s when new stocks come pouring in. If you’re shopping with fellow hoarders, you can get sweet deals by buying in bulk, too! Score the best finds in YOUR size and color.

5. It’s located near Club Manila East

You can get directions to the market area by searching for Club Manila East on Google Maps or Waze. There are way too many shops to miss it! It’s right along Don Hilario Cruz road, with giant “Tiangge” signs plastered everywhere.

I’m really bad at directions so I might just get you lost if I write them myself. But if you use Maps or Waze, I swear you will survive.