Facial Slimming at Skin Lounge

Earlier this week, I visited Skin Lounge for a much-needed pamper day. It’s a new face and body care clinic located in E. Rodriguez that was highly recommended by a couple of friends, so I thought I had to give it a try!

I was especially excited about the Face Slimming and Milk Facial services because 1) My face is out of control – I have no jawline lol, and 2) I was always afraid of facials because they hurt like crazy. The Milk Facial looked really soothing because of the mask towards the end of the treatment. I couldn’t pass that one up!

Anyway, before I get to the nitty-gritty, check out my video so you can see how things worked out for me during the visit!!!

The Space

One of the first things I noticed about Skin Lounge is how great the location and the interiors are! I’ve been to a lot of derma clinics in the past, and most of them were either cramped, poorly lit, uncomfortably designed, or whatnot. But I was especially impressed with Skin Lounge because the clinic was not only spacious, but clean and easy on the eye as well.

Skin Lounge.jpg
Skin Lounge 1.jpg
Skin Lounge-3.jpg

The waiting area had a really comfortable couch and a TV, the building itself had adequate parking, and the treatment rooms gave clients the privacy we need. Just check out the pictures! I dare you not to get excited.

Face Slimming Treatment

ALAS! A slimming treatment that is both affordable and effective, especially compared to other services available in the market today. What’s even better is that Skin Lounge uses state-of-the-art technology and products–saying goodbye to the uncomfortable metal plates and uneasy process.

If you watched my video above, which you totally should’ve, you’ll notice that all I had to do was lie down and chillax. It was done in less than 30 minutes and the results were visible right after.

Take note that ideally you need 4 sessions to get the optimum results. That means what I have on the video was just the beginning!!!

Did it hurt? Absolutely not.

Is it expensive? Not as expensive as the average. Definitely affordable.

Are you happy with the outcome? A resounding YES!

Would you recommend it to others? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

Milk Facial with Milk Face Mask

If you think this is just like any other facial, think again!

First things first, my skin is sensitive like crazy and it would puff up with EXTREME redness every time I get a facial. Plus, I’m not very good with pain so I told myself I’d rather skip it than get flawless skin. I used to tell myself tiis-ganda wasn’t worth it. Hahaha!

But boy was I wrong! I’m so lucky to have discovered this milk facial treatment by Skin Lounge, because I have never experienced a more soothing facial. Don’t get me wrong, the whitehead/blackhead/pimple-popping process was still as usual, but what I’m raving about here is the Milk Face Mask that came after!

It’s a milk-based formula that solidifies (?) after a couple of minutes. It’s cool and moisturizing–definitely what you need post-facial. I’ve tried countless face mask treatments in the past and they’ve only left my face with more stinging sensations, but this one felt like it was healing my skin.

My mom and I agreed that it left our faces firmer and a lot smoother and softer. With others, you don’t see the result as quickly (or EVER), but with Skin Lounge’s milk facial, I knew in a second that the pain was worth it. It was so fulfilling. My mom’s powdery skin was easily Koreanovela-level, and my morena complexion was radiantly sun-kissed, just the way we like it!

Did it hurt? Yes, but it was COMPLETELY gone after that gorgeous face mask. I’ll be back again.

Is it expensive? Considering the outcome??? NOT AT ALL!

Are you happy with the outcome? If I hadn’t expressed it enough…. YES

Would you recommend it to others? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!


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