So I Met This Traveler: Sam Heappey

So I Met This Traveler is a blog series where I interview fellow travelers I've met on the road.

Meeting new people is easily my favorite part of traveling. There are just so many lessons to be learned and stories to be heard from people who are pursuing a lifestyle as sporadic as travel. Most of these lessons and stories, I would never even come across if I hadn't left home.

I've kept in touch with most of the friends I've made, and so it's even more exciting for me to catch up with them and see how they're doing, wherever they are now.

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First up on my long list of travel favorites is Sam Heappey, a British traveler I met while I was in Siargao. We stayed at the same hostel for a week, and I've gotten to know him over shared motorcycle rides, guitar sessions, and mango shakes.

The first time I met Sam, I couldn't figure out whether he was British or Spanish, or something else. He switched from one language to another effortlessly, conversing with us in his British accent, and then turning to his favorite blokes, instantly lighting up in español. Later on, I would learn of his long background story, which essentially includes living and growing up in both England and Spain. Pretty cool.

He is still on his 10-month adventure, and is currently traveling in Australia.

Name: Sam Heappey
Age: 22
Occupation: Sales Exec

Where are you from? England
Where are you now? Australia 

Can you briefly tell us about the current trip that you’re doing?

I have just finished my uni career and before I sell my soul to the corporate world, I thought I should have one last blow out. So I'm traveling for 10 months, through Asia, Australia, NZ and South America. 

How would you describe your travel style?

I'm just a social person and love enjoying every place. However I'm quite fast paced. There is so much to see and only limited amount of time, so have to be very productive. 
Follow Sam on  Instagram

Follow Sam on Instagram

Which is your favorite destination so far?

Hard to say as everywhere is so different. Some places you fall in love with because of the people you meet and night life, and others for its surroundings and culture. My favorite place would have to be Siargao in the Philippines. Best of both worlds. 

What is one travel story you will never get tired of telling?

Not going to go into too much detail for obvious reasons. However, the day/night when I went with 20 other travelers to a secluded island and camped was quite the experience. A lot happened... 

How do you document your travels?

Like most people I take pictures and videos. However the best thing I do is write a journal. But not just bout what I do, it's experiences, inside jokes, notes from people and more importantly sticking loads of old tickets etc. 

What is the most important travel lesson you’ve learned on this trip?

Not to be sad about saying goodbye but instead just be incredibly grateful of the time you spent together. 

Do you see yourself pursuing a life of travel, or is this just for now?

Travel is incredible and something I will keep doing throughout my life. But constant traveling is too draining. I would much prefer staying somewhere I love and developing a life there. Like siargao. 

What advice would you give inexperienced travelers?

Understand that everyone traveling is open to meet people. No one judges anyone.

What’s the worst thing about traveling?

It's very draining. Eat badly, Lots of cheap drinking, infected cuts and all sorts. But the hardest thing is the goodbyes.

And what is the best? 

It's all just one big laugh. Throughout the day you experience amazing things and at night you create hilarious stories. Just incredible. 

Here is the Siargao vlog where I met Sam: