5 Tips for Taytay Tiangge First-Timers

Last year, I posted this blog and video combo that sparked the series of crazy Taytay hauls on Youtube. I’ve had people ask me all sorts of questions on Taytay shopping — where to shop, when to shop, how to shop — and it’s about time the internet is #blessed with the answers, too.

If you’re curious as to what the Taytay tiangge has to offer, check out this new haul video that I made for you!

Did you watch the video? You should watch the video.

If you’re done, feel free to scroll down and get #blessed by my top 5 tips for every Taytay tiangge first-timer:


What makes the Taytay Tiangge significantly different from Divisoria and Greenhills is its ever elusive schedule. No, you can’t just pop in whenever you feel like it, unfortunately, not if you want to make the most out of your trip.

On Monday and Thursday nights, at around 6PM, vendors start to set up their stalls. It isn’t at all like shopping malls, because in Taytay, vendors tend to go by their own schedule. Meaning, at this hour, you can’t expect all the shops to be open yet. The shops are open until Tuesday and Friday mornings (the next day), but you need to hit the sweet spot of timing.

Take note: arriving too early at night will mean a limited selection, whereas arriving too late the next day will mean losing all the good stuff to early-risers.

My tip: Your best bet is sometime between 3AM to 6AM. I’ve shopped between 5AM-8AM before, and although I didn’t have trouble finding stuff that I liked, there was an apparent lack of stocks. According to one vendor I talked to, resellers have already snatched them all up.


You’re in Taytay to shop, and believe me, once you get there, you’re going to shop like crazy. There’s no use in bringing a Longchamp or any other #TitaTotebag to the tiangge. You will walk through narrow spaces, and some days it will be extra crowded, too. Save yourself from the hassle and just bring the following:

  • Yourself – Obvs.
  • A small purse – Preferably one with a sling, so you can comfortably stuff the next few items inside.
  • Your phone – You might lose your friends, or you might lose all of your addition and subtraction skills. Better be prepared.
  • A pen and a small notepad – A trick that I’ve come to love throughout my humble shopping journey. Listing down your purchases helps you keep track of your expenses. Trust me, when you’re in Taytay, it’s quite easy to get carried away by the low prices. Do this so you never evergo overboard!
  • An oversized eco-bag or two – Help the environment by reducing your use of plastic bags. Plus, it’s also a lot sturdier! You don’t want your items spilling out of nowhere because your plastic bag broke!


Do yourself and the vendors a favor by bringing smaller bills, especially if you’re not buying in bulk. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I thought I’d throw this in anyway. Some people forget!


Easily one of the most unique bonding activities for your barkada, group shopping in Taytay has its perks. One, it’s outside Manila so maybe you can fool yourselves into thinking of it as a road trip. Two, you’ll be on a roll while the rest of the city sleeps — sounds like an adventure to me. And three, wholesale discounts. Yes. That’s my favorite part.

Normally, you get a discount when you purchase 3 items of the same style. So, for instance, you can get identical skirts in 3 different colors (one for each girlfriend!) and just buy them collectively for a much lower price. You can coordinate on the anti-matchy schedule later on, just don’t let it ruin the friendship.


Again, Taytay can be a little overwhelming for first-timers. The delightfully low prices will often trigger a panic-buying spree, but don’t let the high keep you from scrutinizing every detail of your purchase. There are no intense quality assessment periods for these items, so the best and the worst are usually found in the same bag of goodies. Make sure you get your money’s worth by choosing the most durable and high-quality ones. Check for holes, unintentionally unfinished hems, tears, and stains.