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The Philippines is a tropical paradise that consists of 81 provinces and 7,107 islands. Located in Southeast Asia, my home country is a top spot for backpacking trips because of its budget-friendly options, (generally) English-speaking population, and of course, the countless activities it offers.



I've been to 4 Asian countries so far, including Japan, my home for 2 months in 2017.

Watch this space for budget-friendly travel ideas and solo female travel stories.

North America.jpg

North America

I've only been to this part of the world twice, but with my family living in the USA, and so much of my personal history entangled with it... ah, well. I can only imagine what the future holds for me and this continent!

Vague introductions will continue until I can travel solo to this side of the globe.



In 2016, I lived in London for two months to study fashion, digital marketing, and PR.

In 2018, I moved to Madrid to become a language assistant, and quite frankly, to explore the rest of the continent.

Exciting times ahead.